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Return to San Angelo, Continued

Freeway Warrior 2: Mountain Run (yes, the American one with the abbreviated name)

Into The Stadium

In our last adventure, Cal Phoenix (that’s me) made his way into the city of San Angelo in search of his would-be girlfriend, Kate. He/I got there with surprisingly little trouble, and found a lot of loot on the way. But now I’m inside the city, which is a stronghold for a significant biker/bandit gang, and which is currently entertaining the company of a second, also-significant biker/bandit gang. So here’s the fun part.

I’ve made my way to the outside of a stadium, where for some reason I think I’ll find Mad Dog Michigan (leader of the Detroit Lions) and also Kate. I’m not sure why, as it would make a lot more sense for a prisoner to be secured in the jail, or if that prisoner is a pretty young lady for them to be in some sex dungeon harem thing. But it’s a young adults’ book, so no, Mad Dog took her out to see the motorcycle races. wink wink, nudge nudge, “motor cycle races” uh huh, say no more

I sneak aboard a truck headed into the arena. I’m found, but the guy assumes I was just sneaking in to see the show, so he takes two of my backpack items (a rope and my CB radio) and I’m in. So that was easy.

The Rescue

Where would the big boss be, except in the sweet private viewing room watching the race? It’s time to lay down some serious rampage.

The door is guarded by two thugs. I duck into a locker room and surprise them from behind as they start their patrol, shooting them both in the back with my machine pistol. Then I kick in the door to the viewing room, and gun down the bodyguard thug in there. Aside from Kate, the two survivors are Mekong Mike (leader of the Angelinos) and Mad Dog Michigan (leader of the Detroit Lions). Maybe I can put an end to both of them here and now.

The knife fight with Mekong Mike is pretty brutal. I kill him, but we were pretty evenly matched and I wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Mad Dog Michigan watched the fight with interest, but then he pulls his gun. It’s that tense cinematic moment where it goes into slow motion because it’s point blank range… CRASH! Thank you, Kate, for smashing a wooden stool over his head. She’s just a treasure, right?

Sadly, we don’t have time to put one last bullet into Mad Dog Michigan. Instead, we have our almost-romantic moment and then realize that a whole lot of mean dudes are on their way.

Time to go!

The Escape

We take off across a bridge, and find a maintenance shaft. We skedaddle down the ladder and into a sub-basement, and behind us it remains quiet. We follow the tunnel for some time, until we figure we’re probably outside of the wall. We climb out and find out that we’re still inside the city, but a search party just parked their car in front of us and fanned out. … leaving the car unattended. Twist a wire here and there, and VROOM! we’re off. We crash our way straight through a gate leaving the city, like that badass scene from Aliens with the APC as they escape the xenomorph ambush. Totally metal.

We get back to my car, running into one patrolling gangster on the way. He does manage to beat me down with a series of fortunate (for him) rolls, but eventually we get the best of him and we get the heck out of San Angelo! The city vanishes behind us as we enjoy a drink from our canteen, take a fistful of ibuprofen and slather on some Bactine, and pat ourselves on the back for what turned out to be a pretty easy escape.

So far, there’s no sign at all of mountains, let alone Slaughter Mountain, let alone a Run in said mountain. I’m sure that’s a good sign…


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First published May 26, 2020. Last updated December 15, 2020.