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Return to San Angelo

After a few weeks on other projects, it’s time to sit down with a game book again.

Freeway Warrior, Book 2: Slaughter Mountain Run.

In FW1 the Dallas colony made their way to Big Spring, Texas and merged with a larger community. In the process, Kate, my character’s would-be girlfriend, was forcibly abducted by a biker gang and left in custody of another biker gang down south. That’s no good, and it’s time to go rescue a damsel in distress.

Well, probably not. In book 1 she starts off as a helpless girl on the run, but later on we found out that she knows bombs, handles a dune buggy like a pro, and puts rifle bullets into very deadly places. I figure that she’s already sharpened a plastic spoon into a lethal edge, killed some guards, and made her escape. Still, she would appreciate a ride home from the smoldering crater that used to be a gang hideout, and maybe a cold beer. We’ll see.

The Breakout, The Road to San Angelo

First off, the city of Big Spring is surrounded by gangs of bandits, and among their tricks is a van parked on a hill, which they let go to roll down across the road in front of me. I get clipped by it and my car stalls, but no real damage was done and I’m out of there in a flash.

I drive south for a while, then east for a while, and drive through some deserted town. My car has a brief hiccup, but it was just a harmless scare, probably some crud in the gas. It’s quiet, almost boring, until the monotony is broken by some Detroit Lions camping on the bridge ahead of me. I could wait for them to leave, but who has time for that? I park my car, and stealthily make my way over, and kill both of them in 3 combat rounds and a cut scene. And these guys were loaded, too: water, medkits, ammunition, and various other items of interest.

Then back onto the road. Turn south, go through another abandoned town, and another.. whoa there! As I stop to pee by the roadside, I hear the roar of many motorcycles coming; that was some fortunate timing. I get the car off the road and into a gully, and let the bikes go by — yep, Detroit Lions.

The rest of the day is uneventful, and that night I hole up in a parking structure… on the outskirts of San Angelo.

Getting In To San Angelo

I wake up bright and early, because sleeping in a car is like that. Yech. The city of San Angelo is walled, which is pretty typical these days. But some of the wall is boarded-up office buildings, so maybe I could make my way through one of them, just in the front door and out the back, onto the other side of the wall.

So, I break into an office building and into the foyer, where rudely they neglected to put a map showing I Am Here, or fire exit routes. So it’ll be some blind navigation, starting with this classic FF-style T junction. 🙂

I head down a hall at random, and for some reason can’t find a way to another door on the ground floor. I find myself in a sub-basement, with a kitchen and pantry. And an Angelino gangster. I surprise him, though, and the fight ends in a cut scene and a single gunshot. The pantry is great: medicine, more water, lots of food.

Then it’s out a fire escape, and onto the ground floor, inside the city walls.

I really didn’t think it would be that easy.

And now the fun part begins.


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First published May 20, 2020. Last updated December 15, 2020.