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Robot Commando, let’s rock!

I’m so excited! It’s time to play Robot Commando.

First off, some fortunate rolls!
Skill = 10
Stamina = 23
Luck = 10

Suddenly the whole nation has fallen asleep, and I imagine that radio chatter like from the beginning of The Omega Man. People collapsing all over the country, at their homes, at their work… So it’s on me to head off to… somewhere… so I can… do something. I guess raise an army or research an antidote?

I hop into my trusty Cowboy mech. I have a flyer, but this one is more durable and better armed, and this Fighting Fantasy after all and not Flying Fantasy.

And I have two choices to start my investigation or activism:
– The City of Knowledge
– The City of Industry

Wow, Steve, that’s some deep world-building right there. The cities don’t even have names.

I sigh as I look at this sad atlas, then I figure that science is gonna be the way out of this, so Knowledge it is!

The City of Knowledge

On the way I am accosted by a pterodactyl and I take a scratch (from 10 Armor, down to 8; four more hits before this old mech falls apart). I arrive at the city and of course bee-line it for the medical center. The place is creepy, not because of the sleeping bodies everywhere… but because of the slithering, hissing noises and the complete lack of sleeping bodies. Still, I stay on task and right there in the medical library is the book “The Cure For Sleeping Sickness.” And apparently it’s super easy because an hour later I’ve compounded a liter of the Blue Potion, which apparently is enough to cure & wake the entire nation.

– A whole nation with one bottle? Is this Luxembourg?
– Also, given that I was able to whip up this batch in an hour with no expertise, I call B.S. on extortionate drug prices and insurance refusing to cover them. Down with Big Pharma, … assuming that Thalos even had a Big Pharma. I’m not really sure.
– Blue Potion? Really, Steve?

Anyway, on my way out I am accosted by some giant lizards that seem to have escaped from the labs. Why can’t it be the bunnies or the monkeys? Oh, because the lizards ate them already – seems legit. I bravely turn tail and flee back to my robot with my precious bottle of Blue Potion.

Next up, I figure I’ll hit up the dinosaur preserve. With some luck, the wranglers have better robots than I do. Oh dang, that was good luck. That’s exactly what I find! A whole garage full of Super Cowboy mechs. (as opposed to my Cowboy model; again with the deep world-building lore, Steve).

Next up, I figure the College of War – that’s gotta be weapons, or at least military strategy, right? Yeah, the Karosseans think so too. I sneak past the one guard, as a whole troop lands and starts coming into the building. I have time to read only one of these three books… which will it be? I go for one about Karossean military robots, so maybe I’ll get a combat bonus against them…? Well, nothing so lucky but the text says that the Karosseans will be in for a surprise. I wonder what that means?

As I leave the building, I find out – the soldiers coming into the building left their robots outside, with the keys in the ignition and everything! A second lucky break – I can steal one of theirs… and my fanboy jaw drops to the floor.

It can transform.
Humanoid form and airplane form.
Like a Veritech VF-1 style.
Like from Robotech. Or Go-Bots. Or Transformers.

I fly my newly-stolen military mech out of the City of Knowledge, as the Karosseans scramble to figure out what’s going on, and I disappear into the sunset toward the City of Industry.


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First published May 16, 2023. Last updated May 15, 2023.