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Robot Commando – onward to not-quite-victory!

We continue playing Robot Commando!

The story so far:
– I’m in flying a stolen Go-Bot that can transform between robot and airplane.
– I have a miracle drug that can save all of Thalos if I figure out how to distribute it.
– I’m on my third robot, having had phenomenally good luck so far at finding new ones with more firepower.
– And I myself haven’t taken a point of Stamina loss yet.

I just took off from The City of the Jungle, onward to…

Capitol City

None of the options sound really great: the hospital, the capitol, the treasury, or the Karossean camp.

I figure maybe the hospital has some way to distribute this cure? I sneak to the hospital on foot, and when I get there I have the same two options as back in City of Knowledge: treat my own injuries, or look for information on sleeping sickness. I am still, remarkably, uninjured! But I find nothing useful and I’m kicked out of the hospital because it’s crawling with soldiers.

I’m kind of guessing here that the capitol is the big boss fight, but I know Steve Jackson and I should explore every single nook and cranny before I head in tthere. Maybe the treasury building? There’s a single sentry watching the gate, and I stomp him in my mech. Oh geez, that’s brutal! Inside, I find a treasury of gold and a cargo mech… but nothing useful to my endeavor. I’m even offered a chance to steal a bunch of gold, but what would I do with it?

Well, I guess that means it’s time for the Capitol Building.

I’m on foot because my robot is too conspicuous – which is weird, since it’s a Karossean military robot, which would fit right in. Oh well. Then I try to go inside the building and the book’s all Nope! because I have neither an invisibility cloak (that’s a thing?!?) nor a Karossean uniform. And it kicks me out. I had been expecting the boss fight, too.

There’s an option to Just Explore but that doesn’t sound useful. So it’s time to head for the Karossean camp, at the city stadium.

I decide on a quick fly-over to scout it out, but that’s a bad idea. There are two mechs just like mine, and one of them has a Skill 11. I take a few hits before I flee, shake off the adrenaline, and decide try again, this time on the ground. But I don’t know the password, and they detonate a mine I’m standing on. My lovely mech and my whole body, and my adventure, and here. In shreds.


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First published May 18, 2023. Last updated May 17, 2023.