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Robot Commando – Roll out!

We continue playing Robot Commando where so many fanboy dreams are brought together. In the previous part, two major plot points:
– I created a potion that can cure the sleeping sickness, if I can find a way to distribute it.
– I stole a Veritech VF-1 mech that can transform into an airplane! So I am a very happy Robotech fanboy.

I leave the City of Knowledge, headed for The City of The Jungle because the blue potion I created needs one last ingredient, a flower which is found in the jungle.

And not to harp on it, but The City of the Jungle? Honestly, this is not top-notch world-building. The City of Storms, The City of Worship, Capitol City, … Honestly, even Ape-Dog and Dog-Ape were better world-building than this.

Anyway, I’ve arrived. The flower is found in the jungle, so I head out of the city and into the jungle.

I wander for a brief while before an ankylosaurus comes down the path, raging and trashing its heavy club tail at me. I’m given the option to fight or to flee, and we know that in these books running almost never gets you the treasure (they’re not called Fleeing Fantasy, right?). I engage the varmint in fisticuffs, and though I lose some armor I am eventually victorious. But the treasure here is not the Man Trap flower, but some device for entangling enemy aircraft. Well that’s cool, but I keep searching.

The other path is very clearly labelled – danger, Man Trap. Well that makes it easy! I find it and am not really surprised that it’s a monstrously huge plant, covered in spikes and tentacles and dripping digestive juices. I pick a flower from it, still in my mech thank goodness (yay, the blue potion changed color, that’s good, right?), and I am not surprised that the plant immediately attacks. Fortunately, I had some very fortunate dice rolls and smashed the plant into a pulp without taking any damage myself.

Go, me.

As I return to the city, I see fighter jets overhead and decide it’s time to leave. Next stop, Capitol City!


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First published May 17, 2023. Last updated May 15, 2023.