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Robot Commando, Speed run… to prison

I’ve been occupied on other stuff, most notably being sick with allergies for a few weeks. Ugh! Those poisonous spores in the Deathtrap Dungeon are surely worse than this pollen, but when I can barely breathe it sure feels bad. Oh, and I took up playing Cyberpunk 2077 again for a few evenings. But, now it’s time to sit down with Robot Commando again!

Skill 7 / Stamina 22 / Luck 8 Well crud, this is gonna be a short run. But I already have the book mapped out all the way to the Capitol City, so maybe I have a chance? Nah, I doubt it – other than the potion win, I know the direct confrontation win is a duel with the big boss, who’s probably a Skill 12/ Stamina 24.

Still, I embrace my fate.

First off, I grab the Dragonfly mech and fly to to the City of Industry. I’m headed for the Robot Experimental Center where I know her’s a +1 neurohelmet, and won’t even require a fight.

Second, to the City of Pleasure to go play video games for a while. There’s a rather crummy one called Dinosaur Hunter, which gives me a clue about the Dinosaur Preserve. Why do they advertise top secret military hardware in a video arcade? Good question…

From here to the City of the Jungle, but I don’t even bother landing, just change course for the City of Knowledge. And straight to the Dinosaur Preserve, where I pick up a new and improved Super Cowboy robot, and also an invisibility cloak. Why are they developing an invisibility cloak at an animal preserve instead of some military R&D lab? Yeah, another good question…

So then I head out again. I head to City of Worship but I don’t even land, just continue onward to Capitol City.

So far, not so bad really.
– A neurohelmet giving me +1 in fights
– A better robot that’s +1 compared to my old one, and dinosaurs get -1 when fighting me
– A single-use invisibility cloak
– Not a single fight, not a scratch on me or my robot

I’ve been to the Treasure and the Hospital before, and I know there’s nothing great there. I figure the bad guys are in the Capitol Building, so I head that way with my invisibility cloak (there are so many guards, I can’t go in without it). Turns out the guards are guarding the royal +1 sword, and because of my invisibility I don’t even have to fight them.

And now, I’m in unknown territory. I’ve not made it this far before.

Well, let’s go exploring. I head down a random street, and come across a Karrosian Battleman mech. Fortunately it doesn’t notice me and I just keep moving. On the next block, I see a pack of Karrosian looting and I can’t tolerate that (because I know that backing down from a fight usually means lose a Luck). I beat him easily, with my bot taking only a minor armor injury.

And now it’s time for the enemy encampment. Let’s go.

I go in on foot, because my dinosaur-wrangler bot would be too conspicuous. And I’m immediately captured because I used my my invisibility cloak. The book asks if I “know something” that might get me out of this mess, but I do not. So I’m off to prison and my adventure ends here.

Damn, I though I had a good minimal-conflict speed run lined up.


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First published June 14, 2023. Last updated June 14, 2023.