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Snow Worm of Devourment

Let’s play another round of Tower of Destruction! I enjoyed it on my previous run with a skill of 12, though some of the fights and skill tests in there make me wonder whether it really could be won with a lower skill. We roll the dice and…

Skill 7 / Stamina 20 / Luck 12

Ah, crap. That’s what I get for wondering.

Okay, so again the story starts with a rain of fire and destruction upon the village, then my bravely looting a few collapsed huts for some gold and climbing gear. Before any of my still-surviving friends can lynch me for doing that while they haul bodies and save victims, I take off north, in search of the Sphere of Destruction.

Late in the afternoon of my first day, I am attacked by a polar worm, which is like a “snow snake” in that it is imaginary, but unlike a snow snake in that it has a skill of 9 compared to my 7, so it bites the heck out of me repeatedly. By the time the thing is done with me, I have only 10 stamina remaining. Not great for my first day.

I crawl into the trees to eat some food, talk with the owls, and recover some stamina. I wasn’t kidding about talking with the owls; there really is a talking owl, who tells me to go out of my way to visit a sage who can help me. I’m not one to ignore talking owls, so of course in the morning that’s what I do.

My trip there is uneventful, but as I approach I make a skill roll. I hold my breath and… roll an 8, but the book says to -1 so whew I barely pass. I notice that the smoke in the cabin isn’t right, and sneak around back. I kick open the door, and get first strike against a smoke demon that is choking the sage to death. I take up arms, and fight! At -1 because of the smoke, effectively a 6 skill.

I fight desperately, but don’t get a single hit in until I’m at 2 stamina. But it’s not nearly enough, and he snuffs the life out of me.

My adventure choke ends gag here.


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First published December 29, 2020. Last updated December 29, 2020.