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Thank you to my fans (or critics? either way!)

A few weeks ago, someone sent in comments on some of my Lone Wolf pages. They pointed out some mistakes in my map, pointed out that one of the errors I had mentioned was not in fact an error, and so on. I reviewed my maps and consulted the books on Project Aon. I scratched a few errors where I had been wrong, and updated a few comments.

Then a week later, a different person commented on several Fighting Fantasy pages, in a similar vein of correcting and commenting. The road sign in Creature of Havoc was supposed to be wrong, and the clue-poem isn’t nonsense though the picture is misleading. So again, good food for thought and fair comments, and a few amendments to my comments and opinions.

Thank you, both of you. And thanks too, to others who have commented.

I appreciate the engagement, whether it’s just fawning over how cool these books were, orĀ  talking back and disagreeing, giving insights and details that I had missed.

It’s hard to believe that it was September 2014 when I picked up WoFtM as an adult. That’s nine and a half years that I’ve been re-discovering this hobby. My enthusiasm has waned and waxed during that time, but your comments give me a boost when I need it, and remind me that a hobby can be a community as well. Thank you for that.

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First published March 9, 2024. Last updated March 9, 2024.