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The Call of that hideous worm thing that snapped my mind and drove me to an asylum

All righty, my second go at Choose Cthulhu 1: The Call of Cthulhu

An epigrapher told me told me that the lettering on Wilcox’s bas relief, was reminiscent of Esquimaux writing. So I impulsively jumped onto a boat to Halifax, then on to Greenland. With some sweet-talking and money, I found a guide to take me to visit these indigenous people.

We arrived just in time to find the whole village in a circle, summoning… a… giant worm monster thing busting from the ice, and just being way too much for me as I snap and fall to the ground babbling and shrieking and turning to the dreaded page 77 which is the inside of a nice padded cell in the asylum, where I’ll be nice and safe, forever.

Whew. Brutal.


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First published March 13, 2021. Last updated March 12, 2021.