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The Crown is Mine! Victory in Mampang, Part 3

In yesterday’s episode, our brave hero (that’s me, I mean that is I) got advice from an old lady about some birdmen who are working against the Archmage, killed a trio of sightmasters who were picking on that lady, harassed and threatened a tax collector, and got the password to the second Thorben Gate.

I find myself at a second courtyard, with two choices of door. I see one guarded by birdmen, and so I make my move to try and make contact. The birdmen have moved inside, so when I move inside I have a choice of two doors… I pick one at random. The birdmen inside turn out to be very unfriendly, and again with a bloodbath. Feathers everywhere, cawing and screeching, it’s quite awful. Well, moving on…

The next stop is an intersection: left to a door, right to a door, or forward into a door. I ring the doorbell and out comes a little goblin-looking guy with a bad attitude. I get in his face too, and he cowers instantly. I press my advantage and he tells me how to get deeper into the fortress, to the next giant door. His directions take me straight to the torture chamber… which strangely, is where I want to be, because I know that the head torturer has the password to the next gate.

The torturer turns out to be a very reasonable and friendly fellow, if you respect his professional expertise and courtesy. We got along nicely, and he told me how to get through the next gate. What a nice fella!

Moving onward, I run into a merchant shop. I’m fairly rich at this point, so I buy a bit of everything because with Fighting Fantasy you never know if a bird nest or a random silver coin or a red candle happens to be the big key to everything. And next, down the hall… the next Thorben Door.

And the torturer’s advice was true: I get through the door unharmed and without trouble.

… And into a room with swords growing out of the floor, which plunges into darkness. I have those candles I picked up from the merchant, though, and I get through okay…

…and into the waiting grip of guards, and dragged before their captain. Captured!

But for some reason my adventure has not ended here?


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First published July 3, 2019. Last updated December 15, 2020.