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The Crown is Mine! Victory in Mampang, Part 5

Sorcery part 4, and our heroic and stunningly handsome adventurer is in deep crap again. I felt pretty great walking through two Thorben Gates in 10 pages of text, and getting into the Archmage’s tower… but it was a setup and now I’m trapped.

To keep me company is Jann, that minimite from book 1. Remember him,  that awful little pest? Well, he’s not so annoying this time because he’s really not doing well. The Archmage cut off Jann’s wings and locked him up here in the tower. How awful.

I tell Jann my story, and find out that I was played for a fool: that little old man was the Archmage in disguise. So, how to get out of here?

Well, back when I was trading loot with the satyrs one of the items I picked up was a genie in a bottle.  I’m finally offered the option to open it up and ask its advice. The genie grants my wish “I want to go back to the archmage” … and I find myself back in the fortress, walking in on the little old man.

Hey wait a second…

This time I subtract X from the page because his cover is blown. The man falls to the ground dead, and the archmage appears and begins to transform into a demon. I’m offered a spell before the thing forms and we have to fight. I go with HOT because nothing else sounds right… and I’ll be blessed, it works. The half-formed demon and the Archmage are destroyed.

I use my holy water on the old man, to raise him from the dead. He’s glad to see me, and he calls the allied birdmen to give them the news. Everybody is happy; not only is the crown saved, but I get to fly home in style.

My adventure ends here, in victory.


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First published July 5, 2019. Last updated December 15, 2020.