The next Lorestone is in Tahou (the boss fight)

Lone Wolf is back in the city of Tahou, after spending 3 days underground finding the Lorestone. The bis boss fight is here: that Vassagonian king Kimah, who we met back in book 5 Shadow on the Sand, is leading his army in battle and wants to kill me personally. He’s armed with a magical artifact that blew up the gate and disintegrated a bunch of guys, but you know Lone Wolf…

The fight starts off with me taking 5 points of damage from the orb, before I get my sword drawn.

Then I see his stats and I know that I’m hosed. He has 50 endurance, which is half again what I have at full strength even without a 5-point sucker punch. His combat puts me at -6 with all my gear and an alether potion.

Six rounds, of very good luck. A couple of 0s and 9s to go with some 4s and 6s. It was a real hair-raising moment, the whole time. I roll a lucky 0, a lucky 9, and a not-so-lucky 3… and it’s over. Kimah is at -1 with that lucky hit, and I have 2 endurance left. Turn to 350.

It’s a victorious cut scene like when Gandalf comes back on the third day, you know? The enemy is baffled and demoralized by their nigh-invincible commander and king being killed. The reinforcements show up and the invaders flee.

But the victory is short-lived for Lone Wolf. Darklord Gnaag manifests in the clouds and taunts, that Gnaag himself has the remaining 3 Lorestones Come ‘n’ get it, he says. I’m waiting.

Aw, snap.