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This time they sent a better assassin (part 3)

Continuing with Space Assassin. Turns out that not having a Skill of 7 is really instrumental in having a fair chance here! So, this spaceship is just goofy. It was corridors and laboratories and all for a while, then I fell into a pool that flushed me down to a planet. I wandered plains and forests for a bit, met some natives, and then took a submarine back to the spaceship… Yeah. Then the ship since then has been surreal: floating sidewalks several miles above the planet’s surface, octopus-human hybrids, and now an armored guy who ants to ask me a riddle. I thought I was infiltrating a spaceship, but now it feels like a Ian Livingstone dungeon, room after room of random stuff.

Okay. breathe… The armor guy wants to ask me a riddle.

Oh, I’ve heard this one. It’s a childhood classic. So, onward I go.

The rest, again, pretty much a random dungeon:
– Three doors, just pick one.
– A hall full of wind-up robots, asking random 50/50 questions like “Are they real or are they ghosts?” I guess my way through, I guess correctly?
– Some sentry turrets, and two Test Your Luck rolls.

And finally to the bridge! Cyrus isn’t here, but there is a robot that wants to talk philosophy. I don’t know if he’s more real than a dream or whatever, so he gets bored. I pick a random door to leave… and there’s Cyrus!

I bolt for him, and he escapes into the next room where he has changed into a cargo power suit (not at all like the loaders in Aliens, sorry) for the big boss fight! If not for the 12 body armor I rolled at the start, I don’t know if I would have made it. But I did, destroying the power suit and turn to 400.

Where it says “you drag him out, good job.” and that’s that.

Geez, for a 400 victory page that’s rather terse and kind of a let-down. But hey, victory!

I see though, that my map has a lot of loose ends, so I know I have a lot more to re-play here. Good. 🙂

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First published November 21, 2023. Last updated November 21, 2023.