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Tower of Destruction, Play 1 Part 1

Let’s start playing Tower of Destruction. The backstory is good old revenge: on my way back from market to my home in the frozen lands to the north, my home is destroyed by a flying sphere throwing balls of fire. Damn! The destruction is nearly complete, with only a few able-bodied people to take care of the wounded, so it’s on me to seek revenge.

So, let’s roll them dice: Skill 12 / Stamina 23 / Luck 11  Yes! That’s a whole lotta rampage!

So, first order of business is to collect equipment, money, for my quest for rampage. I find a set of ice climbing gear and a few coins, then look for the village wise man for advice. Like most of the village, however, he is already dead. Damn. Without wasting further time, I begin my hike across the tundra.

Late in the afternoon, I am accosted by a polar worm. It’s like the farcical snow snake, except it has sharp teeth and gets really lucky dice rolls! Ouch! I finally kill the beast and am offered the opportunity to cut it open and look through its guts for loot that it may have eaten. Like wow, no FF book has offered that before so I just hafta! In its guts I find 1 coin, and also am splashed with digestive acid for 2 more points of damage. My first afternoon on the trail, and I’m already down 1/4 of my health points.

Night comes, and I look for a place to camp. I see two copses of trees, and pick one at random. I’m informed that owls can be very territorial, but I hope (just because why not?) that this means they’ll keep other animals away? And wow, I meet a talking owl! He advises me to consult with a sage that he knows, and that it would be well worth the delay. Even here on Earth I am not inclined to discount what an owl tells me; to my character in the book, a totem animal just spoke to him in person, so yeah that’s what were gonna do.

I hike all day and find the cabin in a valley. But I have a bad feeling about it… something evil, something wrong with the smoke coming out of the chimney. I sneak around to the back door, and get the jump on a smoke demon. Again, a series of lucky dice rolls knocks me down a few more notches before I subdue and dispel the smoky demon. I open the windows for some air, and find the sage who lives here. He barely chokes out a few sentences before he dies, offering me a magical item and his ring. At least, I think he offered me the ring; I took it because he didn’t need it any more… I also help myself to some food, some coins, and a healing potion. Then I sleep in his bed.

The next day, a storm rolls in but dissipates before it gets to me, and I wind up spending the evening in a nice, warm cave. The next morning, I see a dragon flying overhead but I run for it and luck out, and continue following the trail of destruction until I find a valley where that pernicious sphere landed. The valley is being patrolled by two ice ghosts, which I dispatch with no trouble at all. And now to approach the sphere…


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First published December 14, 2020. Last updated December 15, 2020.