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Tower of Destruction, Play 1 Part 4

I’m still going strong no my quest to destroy the Tower of Destruction. I have explored the town a bit and I heard about a magic sword in the cathedral, so of course that’s my next stop. However, the door is locked and I need a crystal bird and book to open the door. So it’s gonna be one of those types of maps, where I have to visit all 4 towers to pick up keys to something-or-other. And there’s probably some degree of sequence, something in that tower unlocks something in that other tower. Hmmm.

So, I pick a tower at random…

I am confronted with an enormous ice golem, which will not let me pass. It’s enormous, but also slow, so we’re fairly balanced: I knock him off in short order, but not before he gets in a few crushing 3-point blows on me, and I’m down to half stamina again! I eat some lunch to heal up, then look around for where to go next: left, right, or up stairs.

I pick one of the doors, and am asked about an amulet. I don’t have one, so the roof caves in, dinging me a little bit before I get out, and find that the room is now completely choked off with ice and boulders. Dang. I’ll have to make a note of that for my next life, that this room requires an amulet before entering it.

The other door, has a crystal bird with a book. Oh goodie, I know I need that! I see the numerical sequence, and I do figure it out eventually because it’s a known mathematical sequence, except messed up so they skipped a step in the pattern. And the bird-book statue are mine.

Lastly, up the stairs. I find a big empty room, except for incense in a brazier some 3 meters off the ground. Strangely, I am given the option to take the incense but only if I can get to it: shoot it down, use a spell which I’ve not heard about, or use a potion I’ve not heard about. So I’ll have to give this one a miss, but make a note for my future life because this is so oddly specific that it has to be one of those “do you have incense, no , the vampire eats you” sort of things.

And that’s it for my first tower, so… how about another?



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First published December 21, 2020. Last updated December 21, 2020.