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Tower vs Glass Cannon, Part 2

We continue my glass-cannon playthrough of Tower of Destruction. Why do I call it that? Because skill 11 / stamina 16 / luck 12 baby! The 11 is nice, but 16 means that I’m at best 8 hits from death. I’m winning fights, but I’m running out of food to keep patching myself back together. The boss fight inside the Sphere of Destruction left me with 2 stamina.

I eat one more meal so I don’t die if I stub my toe, and check out the demon statue. It seems to maybe control the Sphere’s… OUCH DAMN! The thing shocked me for 5 stamina (leaving me 1!), and must have set off the self destruct. Alarms and klaxons go off, and I run like hell. I make it out, and the Sphere explodes in a fiery explosion of fire and exploding.



Then the wizard appears in front of me. He laughs, and tells me that the Sphere here was just a test run of his much larger weapon of mass destruction. He laughs a bit, pats himself on the back, says toodle-ooh, and vanishes. That awful son of a… something awful…

I sit in despair for most of a day, trying to think of what I can do now. That talking owl I met a few days ago shows up, and tells me that he knows where the wizard lives. It’s about 80 kilometers northeast from here, a few days’ hike. I’m short on food (1 left!) and really beaten up (5 stamina!), but I really have nothing else to do… so I start walking.

The hike costs me 3 food, or rather my last food and 4 stamina. I cross into some mountains and keep moving, but I lose 2 more stamina from hunger. And that’s game: starved to death while hiking the tundra, despite my 11 skill and +1 sword.

My adventure ends here, in most ignominious fashion.


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First published January 1, 2021. Last updated December 30, 2020.