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Two Deaths in One Hour

Fire on the Water (Lone Wolf, book 2) is just tearing me up. Two playthroughs in the last hour, both very doomed to near-immediate failure.


Play One

I rolled a combat skill of 10, and 27 endurance. This means that when I encountered the ruffian on page 1, I got ripped all the way down to 9 endurance.

The journey by ship went uneventfully, until the big storm and the swim to shore. I flagged down that fishing boat again and got robbed again. Yeah, I really shouldn’t have done that. I wandered around Ragadorn mapping out the place, lost the last of my money at the gambling house, and had to stow away on the coach to Port Bax.

We made it as far as the inn, before the innkeeper turned me away for not having a coach ticket. I slept in the hayloft, and was murdered in my sleep.


Play Two

Again a 10 combat and 27 endurance. Again, I got beaten down pretty savagely by that imposter on page 1. Get on the Green Scepter, running to pirates, and I’m cut down in short order. I think that play through was seven pages. A new record.


I did mention that Flight From The Dark was suspiciously easy. This one, proving to be more of a challenge.


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First published September 7, 2017. Last updated December 15, 2020.