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Tag: 2019

‘Twas, the Krampus Night Before Christmas

December 13, 2022

YOU become nobody in particular, woken up at midnight on Christmas Eve, not to the sound of mice who aren’t even stirring, but to a crash and a thump. You rush downstairs to confront the burglars and find something far stranger. Krampus has abducted Santa and his famous sleigh, and taken off towards the mountains […]

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Beowulf Beastslayer

YOU become the hero …   Review and Opinion   Tips and Hints     Errors     Maps     Publication Written by Jonathan Green Illustrated by Russ Nicholson 2019   Other FF Players and Links Murray at Turn To 400 Seven Fourteen Seven MALthus Dire Fighting Dantasy  

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Neverland: Here be Monsters

January 16, 2020

YOU become Peter Pan, or Wendy Darling, or Tiger Lily, or Captain Hook on the remote and primitive island of Neverland. The pirates are invading and threaten to destroy Neverland in their quest for power and treasure. Maybe that’s a good thing, if you’re commanding the pirates. But for most of you, the goal is […]

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