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Tag: Dan Maxwell

The Wizard From Tarnath Tor

August 8, 2016

YOU BECOME a really ticked-off assault victim when you’re robbed, tied to a tree, and left to die. Days later, a wizard is passing through and needs a favor from you because you seem like you can handle yourself in a fight. (huh? really?) Just go to the lost legendary city of Tarnath-Tor (can’t miss […]

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Siege of the Necromancer

July 17, 2016

YOU BECOME a miner returning home to your family after a year in the mines, earning money for backbreaking work. You find your hometown burned and pillaged, deserted except for goblins and a dying soldier. The soldier tells you that a necromancer named Erid Buul has taken up residence in the lord’s castle, and commands […]

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