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Christmas time! ‘Twas the night before… (Part 2)

We’re playing ‘Twas, a Krampus Night Before Christmas as we do every winter solstice.

When we left Debbie in yesterday’s post, she had wandered into someone’s gingerbread home in the wilderness, dressed in pajamas and holding an axe. Nothing weird here! The homeowner wasn’t there, so she helped herself to some mulled wine and reading their personal correspondence by the fireplace. Naturally, the lady was a bit ticked off when she came home to this, but she was mollified when she found out that Father Christmas was in trouble. The two of them set off on the shortest buddy adventure in gamebook history – on the very same page where they met, they were set upon by a horde of imps, and the witch said “Nope!” and went back home.

This left Debbie wandering in the woods for the third time that evening. But this time she was not alone – she was being hunted by an enormous cat. But the cat never attacked, because there was a booming voice “Here kitty kitty!” and we know how much cats love to be contrary. Rather than come when called, it took off into the woods.

But was this better? No. The lady is enormous, some three meters tall – and she grabbed Debbie, muttering something about “meat’s back on the menu, boys!” One page turn later, Debbie was in a cage, surrounded by the giant lady and also thirteen very hungry trolls.

She finally talked her way out of the cage, but not out of the trolls. There was a mini-game to see how many trolls she evaded before needing to fight, and she rolled well – eight of the trolls were incapacitated, leaving only five to fight.

But it was still too many. The first one nearly killed her, and the second one finished her off.

So meat really was back on the menu after all.


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First published December 14, 2022. Last updated December 13, 2022.