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Creature of Havoc, play number 100 I think

So, I’ve been playing Creature of Havoc for a few days now. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m still not entirely sure what I think so far.

The story so far, is that I’m an armored, taloned abomination. I’m a killing machine crafted by wizards and dropped into a dungeon with random movement and insatiable hunger…

Skill 8 (not a very good monster, maybe that’s why I was ditched)
Stamina 23 (yeah!)
Luck 11 (yeah!)

On page 1, I wake up in the dark to see a hobbit (can they call it that? isn’t that copyrighted?) sleeping on the ground. I try to talk to him, but I’m still learning motor control, and I crush his head accidentally. Uhm, oops, my bad. I rummage through his stuff and find a scroll, but get bored and wander onward.

Down the hall, I hear chatter and clanking and I see light. It’s a band of adventurers checking gear and their map, and I smell that one of them is another delicious hobbit! I bound into the room like the animal I am, and rip the guy down in three hits. His friends try to stop me, and I kill both of them as well, and I feast upon their raw flesh. I ignore the clanky, shiny clothing and the gold discs in their pockets, and eat until I am full.

Then I go in search of more.

Down the next hall, I come to a door and smash it down. More bodies, orcs and humans, but the meat is being eaten by something invisible? I panic and flee, but I don’t make it out before the critters materialize in front of me and attack en masse.

I have a skill of 8, against their 6. But there are 3 of them. Through some phenomenally bad luck on my part and good luck on theirs, the little critters rip me down to 3 stamina. And yes, that’s taking only 1 damage per hit. They rolled so many 10s and I rolled so many 5s…

Nursing my many small wounds, I ransack the rucksacks (heh heh, good one, eh?) for food or some relief. Instead, I find a jar of purple fog. It talks, though I don’t know what it says… and something inside me changes. I now have free will, and can now choose my path.

But with only 3 stamina left, how far will I get?

I crawl down a passage, and run into another trio of adventurers. I get the drop on one, roll double 1-1 on our first attack round, and he dies instantly. His two friends get the better of me, and in my already nearly-dead condition, I’m just no match.

My savage feeding frenzy ends here.



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First published April 23, 2021. Last updated April 23, 2021.