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Grey Star dies again-again

I’ve been quiet lately, but not idle. I’m playing Grey Star 4, War of the Wizards and I must say, Grey Star has not fared well. 🙂

The Shianti have enough magic to pull me back to Magnamund from the Daziarn Plane, but they drop us on the western side of the continent, with no food nor water. We shrug and start walking east…

We spend the night on the edge of a lake, where we meet a Masbate warrior! Hey, that’s Samu’s people, and he thought they had been wiped out! And Samu is with them too, and still their king!

Awesome. I had thought the worst when we left him back in Desolation Valley, and it’s good to see a friendly face.

But there’s a catch.

See, the whole plain is plagued by a horde of demons and the Masbate would love to help us but they can’t unless someone closes off the demon gate and then distracts the demon horde, maybe drawing them off to go bug someone else. We have a small kingdom of warriors here, but as long as you’re here… Sigh.

The ride to the demon gateway is surprisingly uneventful… because all of the demons are gathered at the gateway to defend it. There’s even a willpower check: if you have less than 20, your mind simply caves in from the horror of it all. It’s that bad.

But, I skirt them and use my magic, sinking some 10 willpower into fighting off the mind control and closing the gate. Aside from costing a whole lot of WP, it goes very smoothly.

And now I have 1,000 angry demons with nothing left to lose.

And they charge me.

I flee. And flee. And flee some more until I lose them.

Which is too bad because I had wanted to kite them into the Shadakine army, let them do some damage over there. So I go back to check on them, regain their attention.

Dumbass move. It was a trap, and I walked right into it.

I’m attacked by flying serpents, and am torn down and devoured on the battlefield.



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First published June 22, 2022. Last updated June 21, 2022.