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Grey Star dies again

I’ve been quiet lately, but not idle. I’m playing Grey Star 4, War of the Wizards and I must say, Grey Star has not fared well. 🙂

The Shianti have enough magic to pull me back to Magnamund from the Daziarn Plane, but not enough to put me where I need to be. Considering that they’re not supposed to be interfering at all, I guess that’s gracious enough of them.

Tanith and I find ourselves on the western end of the continent, a few hundred miles from Shadaki where we need to be, with no food nor water. Ouch. But, at least Tanith knows approximately where we are so we’re not totally lost. We head south instead of east, hoping to catch the river and some water.

Instead of the river, we find an ancient ziggurat. It’s a toss-up whether there’s some vital scavenger hunt artifact inside that I’ll need to win, or simply a way to bilk me out of endurance and willpower points. Still, I’m an explorer at heart…

The good news is that there’s a well, with reasonably good water.

The bad news is that a horde of demons swarms in and starts tearing up the place. They find us, and I dispatch the first demon in a few combat rounds. But at their head is the Demon Master, with a combat skill of 30 to my 19. That’s a -11…

I roll a 1… “LW K

Damn. The Demon Master killed me in one shot.


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First published June 21, 2022. Last updated June 21, 2022.