I’m definitely not Deadpool

It’s taken most of two months off and on, but I’ve finally finished You Are Not Deadpool. What a fun time!

As a game book it’s okay. The mechanics are a bit iffy, and it’s difficult to lose enough fights to die. More often than I like, both of the choices go to the same page with only a slight difference in wording.

But, that’s small stuff, because as a book and an experience it’s hilarious and wonderful. It’s snarky and irreverent and dark and goofy. It covers a wide variety of locations, some of which I fully wouldn’t expect in a Marvel super-hero situation. (Whisperer in Darkness, anyone?)

So yeah, good time.

Sitting on the table next, is She-Hulk Goes to Murderworld. My sweetie and I started playing it back in August, and it’s been here on the desk for 3 months… Time to get back into it.