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Is eating hobbits morally ambiguous? – Part 2

I am the mindless and hungry Creature of Havoc and yesterday was a weird day. While hunting tasty intruders to kill and eat, I came across two bottles of smoke. While I couldn’t eat then, they imbued free will and the language into me. It’s kind of a drag. I was happy just killing and eating, but suddenly I find myself fraught with the moral ambiguity of my actions…

I step over the freshly-dead bodies and continue down the hall, until I come to a thick metal door guarded by a rhino man. He speaks to me and I understand, and I sit down to my first conversation ever. The rhino man babbles for a bit, musing whether I belong in a mine or a training camp, and gives me a message in case I run into his friend. Okay… sure, all dungeon monsters know each other so why not?

He then sends me out the door and to yet another hallway, leading to yet another hallway, to yet another hallway…

Eventually I stumble into a room with two angry orcs and a confused man who appears to be blind, screaming about the black eye curse. I kill the two orcs with only a few scratches, then turn to listen to the man. His name is Hannicus (from the backstory, the assistant wizard around here) and he’s not happy with how his evil ways turned on him and led him to ruin. Look at me, being all judgemental over his choices, when I only discovered thought a few hours ago. It’s like being in college all over again.

He then shows me a ring which he says can kill the boss of this place. I like it, and I take it from him, shove him aside, and keep moving. Well, I am a monster and he’s evil, so what did he expect?

I meander some more through dark passages, killing a few creatures that attack me, and ignoring a disembodied voice that made me nervous. Eventually, I wandered into a cross roads… and a dead end… and the famous passage 213.

My secret-door-finder necklace acts up again, and leads me into a secret passage,where I find darkness and a voice in the darkness…

The lights come on, and hey it’s that guy on the cover!

And he fills me in on my backstory:

  • He’s Darramous, the overseer of the dungeon where I live.
  • I was created by Zharradan Marr as an experiment.
  • Because I lived instead of dying like most of them, my assignment is to go work in the mines.
  • But since I have a bad attitude, he’ll just kill me right now.

I lunge at him, but he can’t be hurt. He bleeds, he crumples, he reforms, his bones snap but they don’t stop working.

He throws a handful of rice on me, and transforms them into vicious maggots that can chew through even my armored hide. They devour me, howling in anger and pain, and my adventure ends here.


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First published April 25, 2021. Last updated May 3, 2021.