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Kitchens to chasms (part 2)

Let’s continue the lovely rags to riches certain death story that is Chasms of Malice.

Mission: Kill the king’s evil brother, Orghuz, but first his 7 lieutenants. Then bring back the magic shield because the kingdom is dependent on its supply of good luck in order to cope with life.

Previously, I killed the first of the 7 lieutenants in a bar brawl, then met up with a wise old man who taught me how to read their numbers and warning signals. This came in handy almost immediately, when I heard screaming coming from up ahead and had to choose between two paths. One was clearly marked dangerous and the other safe.

So safe, in fact, that the description was that I lay down to sleep. Just that. I guess the screaming was not relevant, nothing to be concerned about? Hm.

Anyway, I wake up to the sound of movement and find myself outnumbered by a troupe of dwarves. Before I can explain that I’m the good guy, they knock me out with magic and then wake me up just in time to help them fight off a bunch of orcs. No introduction nor a glass of water, just a sleep spell and “here’s your sword back, get killin’, kthxbai!” I slaughter a bunch of orcs, then the whole troupe of dwarves just takes off running. I follow with them, and we outpace the orcs by jumping across a river of lava.

So that was fun and exciting!

We rest and eat a bit, and the band of terrorists freedom fighters has one more plan for the evening: a raid on a supply cart. I figure it’s a good chance to get some intel on Orghuz if we capture somebody. But it didn’t work out well: I was injured and lost 1 Skill (my 11 is now a 10) in addition to some stamina. We got the loot, but no new information.

But, now it’s time to move on into the Lands of Malice, where I won’t likely meet any more friendly people, as it’s directly under Orghuz’s control and they are not fond of toplanders. I choose as my point of entry, the Downdrop Cavern. I wish I had known that this is a rather large port of entry, a giant gate with plenty of guard posts and lots of light. Why did I pick this?

But, I pull a classic move: climb into the back of a cart and ride it through the gate. heh heh Classic.

This somehow, inexplicably puts me in front of a kitchen door and a window. (yeah, I checked the page numbers) I head into the kitchen, where the smell is so awful that I have to eat a meal from my backpack just to not get sick. (this makes no sense) Then two orcs come in, and I have to kill them in self defense, before I scurry through that window I mentioned earlier.

And, I find myself in another anonymous room with four doors: north, south, east, west. Just at random, uhm, … South!

Along the tunnel I find a dead guy, with a shiny sparkling ring that looks magical. I’m given the option to take the ring and wear it. Oh hell no! It obviously didn’t do that guy any favors! Moving on, I jump over a narrow crevasse and find myself at a stern lecture from the book that I’m on the final approach to the boss fight. And I know that isn’t good, because I’ve only killed 1 of the lieutenants.

The spirit of the sword manifests itself as I am resting, and teaches me The Spell of Life, which allows me to resurrect after being killed in a fight. Now I really wonder what I’m in for, if the book is handing out resurrection spells at this stage!

Speaking of resting, it’s late and it’s time for me to take some provisions and rest. The mission continues tomorrow…


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First published December 1, 2020. Last updated December 15, 2020.