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Legend of me getting my butt kicked by the legend

Well, I’ve had a few more plays of Legend of the Shadow Warriors. The book itself doesn’t seem overly difficult yet, but I’ve had just the worst luck ever and haven’t been making it very far.


Skill 8 / Stamina 21 / Luck 12

Surrendered to the guards. Feigned illness to escape from jail, snuck out the gate. Survived my encounter with the SWs in the Magyaar Pass.

Headed south to Gornt, and decided to intervene in a strange domestic dispute. The lady grew claws and attacked me, somehow winning 8 combat turns in a row including 3 double-sixes. And I died.


Skill 9 / Stamina 19 / Luck 12

Fled from the guards, and hid out in a tattoo shop for a while. Tangled with an assassin at the south gate, losing 10 stamina by the time I purged the magically infected wounds.

At the Magyaar Pass, got the SW swordsman and who does 4 damage on a hit, and armour does not count. He does 4 damage on a hit, and somehow rolled only 10s, 11s, and 12s six times in a row. Very short battle.


Skill 10 / Stamina 21 / Luck 12

Fled from the guards and made a beautiful swashbuckling escape by jumping from a roof onto a horse, and right out the gate.

At the Magyaar Pass, got the SW with daggers who does a bonus 2 damage about 2/6ths of the time. Somehow he got it 5 times in a row, and I rolled nothing above a 5 in 7 combat turns. So yeah, another very short game.


Skill 10 / Stamina 21 / Luck 12

Resetting to do just the Shadow Warrior battle again. In 6 combat rounds, I rolled a 5 on his dagger five of those times in a row. What are the chances of rolling a 5 five times in a row? Enough that I threw the die in the garbage because something is critically wrong, and resumed the combat.

Now that he wasn’t automatically hitting me every single round, I finally survived… with only 2 stamina left. I gulped down my food, and now have 10 stamina.

This time I ignored the domestic dispute and went into downtown Gornt… to find the whole down doing a flash mob LARP of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I run for it, and make it to the south gate where I have to win all 4 combat rounds in a row before the mob gets to me. My 10 to his 8, it’s one easy win, two easy wins, three easy wins, … and then I roll a double-1 and that was the fourth round. The mob is upon me and I get body snatchered.


So at this point I’m calling it – something about this book is breaking my dice, making them only roll badly, and it’s really bothering me.


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First published January 12, 2022. Last updated January 12, 2022.