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Lone Wolf’s Escape From the Phantom Zone, Part 2

We continue with Lone Wolf 11, The Prisoners of Time. The first day was almost all exposition, and it boils down to these bullet points:

  • The Lorestones are in Tolakos, a necropolis to the north.
  • The Lorestones are also the key to the Shadow Gate back home, which is super convenient.
  • The Shadow Gate is in a temple in Haagadar, a few days’ travel west from Tolakos.
  • A nasty fella named Chaos-master is slowly un-creating the world into a swirling void of nothingness, and he commands an army of mutated creatures of all varieties. So if I could stop him and save the world, that would be pretty cool too.

I hit the road in style: on a chariot with an armed escort of several Ookor monkey-men. We ride on through the afternoon, until we come to a bridge which has been obviously sabotaged. Now that we’re stopped, the ambush comes. We are attacked by several horrible chaos-mutant creatures called Agtah, which are described like “dogs with two mouths.” It’s a lost battle, and though we kill a few of them, the rest of the guard is overrun and I flee over the remainder of the bridge and into the hills, the sole survivor.

I continue on my path, hoping to meet up with my contact. I come across some soldiers wearing the colors, and introduce myself. They panic, and shoot me with a crossbow. They ransack my pockets and find my royal seal, so you know they won’t shoot me again. The bastards don’t even apologize for it. Fortunately, my Kai Curing power means that the bleeding is mostly staunched when we arrive back at their camp, and I meet my contact: Lorkon Ironheart.

He starts our conversation the same way most people have in this world: with a telepathic probe that would have hurt me if not for my psi-screen power. What the hell is wrong with these people?

He assigns me a scout, and without further ado, two pages later we’re at the necropolis of Tolakos.

Then I’m railroaded into the largest tomb, onto the roof, and to the Lorestones.

Dang, that was easy.

But I’m not the only one after them — there’s a Haagadar warrior reaching for them as well. We get into a scuffle, but it’s pretty one-sided and I scare him off. He drops one Lorestone, as he leaps onto a giant bird and flies off to the west. Hey, that’s kind of cool, except that he has the last Lorestone.

I barely have time to complain, though, before the Chaos-master’s army of hideous abominations comes storming out of the woods. They overrun the grounds in a few minutes. I hide out in a tomb, waiting them out because I know Lorkon’s army will be here any moment. When I hear the cries of battle, I bravely poke my head back outside.

Just in time to meet the Chaos-master itself.

And, he smears me into the ground. He has a CS of 47, compared to my 40 even with all the buffs and items and weaponskills. And a -7 means that 7 rounds later, he’s moderately injured and I’m a grease spot.

My adventure ends here.


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First published February 18, 2021. Last updated February 18, 2021.