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Missed another appointment…. with FEAR!

Well, we’ve played Appointment With F.E.A.R. several times now, and every time we just flounder randomly, fail a lot at being heroic, then die. Here are a few highlights!

Rolled 9 skill, chose technical heroism. Failed to stop an airplane from being hijacked. Decided to investigate a dairy because our pager said to. Saw a convicted murderer that I helped put away, but what are they doing out? I decide to ask, he pulls a knife, and I lose every combat round. Our adventure ends cut to ribbons on the ground outside a cow pasture.

Rolled 8 skill, chose energy blast, and got a clue about The Alchemists planning to rob a bank. On page 1, read a newspaper that said bank robbery was already done, so what a useless clue. Failed to save a kid from a shark. Failed to capture a pickpocket. Failed to save a child who fell off a roller coaster. Got sent to a dairy to investigate a case of poisoning, but found nothing. Eventually some insta-death, but it wasn’t interesting and I’ve forgotten by now.

Rolled 8 skill, chose psionics. Broke up an argument between two pedestrians and a dog who crapped on the sidewalk. Stopped at the park where someone had been murdered, but had nothing to contribute. Went to the airport where someone I knew about (my starting clue) was hijacking an airplane, but didn’t know about Susan so he crashed the plane anyway (starting clue was obviously worthless). Fist-fought a pickpocket. Went shopping, and saw a rich guy abducted right in front of me, but couldn’t run as fast as the van. Went to a museum then another museum. Saw a rock monster at the library and tried to fight it, but saw it had a skill of 14 so ran away instead. Defeated an undead villain in a graveyard, while on a walk to visit my aunt (which was my second fight, bringing me from 19 stamina to 3). Went to a home appliances expo (ooh exciting!) and found Vladimir, the leader of FEAR! But, lost him in the alleys. Oh well, let’s see some football instead. But the stadium is attacked by a big monster, and because I have worthless psi power, I get an insta-death where I hit my head.

Honestly, I was very excited by the concept of Appointment with F.E.A.R. but this kind of sucks. We’re just floundering, achieving nothing heroic, and not even collecting any information about this alleged appointment. I’m not sure how many more times I’ll bother with this one.


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First published January 15, 2024. Last updated January 15, 2024.