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Mustela vampiricus

For Halloween, the family and I sat down to play Vault of the Vampire, one of my favorite of the Fighting Fantasy series. This comes also, on the same day that I heard of the unfortunate death of Martin McKenna. It’s just coincidence, but it feels like the right way to celebrate Hallow e’en.

After a few really short plays due to our Skill of 9, they decided that we’ll be cheating: a perfect 12/24/12 and 9 Faith. As you would expect, we have been steamrolling our way through Heydrich’s castle.

And then we stumbled across this: we are being attacked by a giant bat… and a vampire weasel.


Yes, an adorable stoat with vicious blood-sucking fangs, ready to devour our souls and condemn us to an eternity of un-life. And it’s so adorable!

But, by then it was midnight and everyone was tired. We were left on this thrilling clliffhanger… until later tonight.




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First published November 3, 2020. Last updated December 15, 2020.