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Seas of Blood, my own on this first try

It’s been a month and a half, between editing someone else’s book, and studying for exams, and playing Cyberpunk 2077… I just haven’t picked up a game book in two months. But it’s a quiet evening, and I’m glad to be back. Today’s book is…

Seas of Blood, Fighting Fantasy number 16. I’ve never played it before, but a sea theme sounds interesting.

I am most assuredly not the hero in this adventure. Instead, I am one of the two most fearsome pirates of Khul’s Inland Sea… and I want to prove that I’m THE most fearsome pirate. Like some kind of crazy Cannonball Run, I and the other would-be pirate king will pillage and terrorize our way southward down the Inland Sea, meeting at the south end in 50 days to see who has collected the most loot.

My first run as a pirate king did not end well. With my stats of Skill 7 / Stamina 17 / Luck 8 I’m barely qualified to swab the decks.

My first decision is to head to the desert to our west, and ambush a trade caravan. We waste a week and a half in the desert, and bring back 1 lizard man slave and 63 cold pieces. We’ll need to do a lot better than that if we’ve already used a quarter of our time.

Maybe we’ll have better luck on the island of Enraki, which I find out after I arrive, is a fortress held by a priesthood to the local gods of war. Why did I not know this earlier? Rather than risk a frontal assault on the fortress, I decide to bluff my way inside with a message about a bogus attack. But, they don’t buy it. The abbot throws me into a pit, which I escape with a stroke of luck, but then he kills me in a straight fight

My very short reign of terror and pillage, ends here.


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First published December 13, 2021. Last updated December 13, 2021.