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Stealer of Souls, attempt 2

Okay, so after that extremely brief failure, let’s try again with… Stealer of Souls!

Roll up a brand new character: Skill 7 / Stamina 19 / Luck 7   Ah hell. Why did Vanestin hire me? Why did I take the job?

Backstory. Boat. Bird attack…

…and dead. I hit it a few times, but still lost on the very first page.

So, I have now twice in a row been killed on the first-page fight.

Keith, you’re bustin’ my balls here. I’m not buying this “on the one path you can make it no mater how low your stats” line, not with a required combat on page 1 that’s killed me my first two plays. Unless this bird is the strongest fight in the book, I call B-S on that.

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First published December 25, 2022. Last updated December 25, 2022.