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Stealer of Souls, screw this I’m cheating (part 3)

Welp, that power-run ended and Mordraneth, the Stealer of Souls, has claimed another soul to madness and terror. I wandered halls for some time, trying doors at random and steam-rolling over some orcs and goblins and a wizard at some point. Eventually I caught news of a captured wizard being tortured for information, which sounds like the guy I’m looking for. Alsander was being tortured by a half-ogre dude, who really wasn’t all that tough once someone his own size picked on him.

And you know what? I told you this would happen, called it before I even read page 1:

  • Turns out Mordraneth is on the island! I am Jack’s total lack of surprise. So I gotta go clean up this damn mess. Fortunately there’s a wizard right here who…
  • …just teleported himself home, as I expected. That jerk.

Well, at least he did me a small favor before he took off : he taught me a spell for dispelling fear and a for dispelling illusions. Awesome, since I’m entering The Realm of Illusions, and Mordraneth’s whole schtick is an illusion-based insanity assault. Unfortunately, each spell is only a single use. Take down the whole damn Realm of Illusions and I can dispel only one… Those damn wizards really need to teleport in here and help out, but nooooooo.

Anyway, I didn’t last long once I was in the Realm of Illusions. I dispelled one, I didn’t fear the other, but it turns out that the pit of snakes was totally real and they bit the hell out of me.

I thumb-bookmarked back, and went on to the next page where… the walls squeezed in and crushed me. And that one wasn’t an illusion either.

So yeah, I’m double dead even with some cheating.



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First published January 8, 2023. Last updated January 8, 2023.