Stealer of Souls – shortest playthrough ever

Well this is almost certainly the shortest playthrough of Stealer of Souls ever.

There are four pages of backstory: “we’re hiring you because a wizard took my colleague, because we were plotting to kill the wizard. Go find my colleague, who isn’t in the same place the wizard is do don’t worry about it. It’s a simple rescue.”

I roll my eyes, because of course the wizard will be there and I’ll have to kill him too – this is Fighting Fantasy, after all.

My stats: Skill 8, Luck 8, Stamina 18.

Ouch. I guess he sorted by price when looking for mercenaries.

Page 1, I get onto the boat and we make good time. Then we’re attacked by a giant bird!

The bird has a Skill of 8 as well, and 12 stamina.

He rolled higher than I did 9 times.

We rolled the same 2 times.

I never won a single combat round.

And I’m bird food. My adventure ended there.