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Still trying to make an appointment

I’m still trying to make my appointment… with F.E.A.R.! I think that Appointment With FEAR is the most complicated Fighting Fantasy book I’ve played yet.

  • Four super powers, which change the choices available, not just for whether you instantly win a fight, but whether you find clues and open up side quests
  • Numerous side quests, some available only if you find certain clues or have certain super powers
  • I think four different paths to victory, depending also on your super power.
  • A highly divergent branching layout, where the paths don’t just converge on the same “The next morning…” but with multiple versions of the next morning, with different adventures.

I mean, this is just wild. It has taken me days to get this far, and I still haven’t won it yet. But the different paths and the quirky humor in parts, has kept it a fun read despite that.

I’ll report back in a few more days…

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First published February 15, 2024. Last updated February 15, 2024.