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Too late to stop the Shadow Warriors (part 3)

Part 3 of my second playthrough of Legend of the Shadow Warriors

Previously, I headed east to consult a hermit who told me the backstory of the warlord and an undead army. Heading south from there, I met an invulnerable vampyr-witch with an army of pumpkin-heads, then a Frankenstein wannabe.

As I march southward toward the Witchtooth Line mountain range, I am set upon by a band of orcs. I try to outrun them, but nope. They take my sword and my chain mail, then carry me across the mountains. This is really not so bad, as they’re headed the same direction I was, and are making better time than I was.

When they stop for camp, the shaman decides to put me on the rack to find out why I was spying on them. I tell the truth, that I’m a mercenary headed to Karnstein. Strangely, telling the truth works! They have respect for a sword-for-hire and actually are in need of one… as they’re headed for a rumble with a rival tribe. The chief gives me 5 gold, says I just need to help them at the fight.

Huh. That got rather civil very quickly. Sure, count me in.

The next day, we’re ambushed by the rival gang. I kill one of the orcs who attacks me, then see that the rest of the tribe is being routed. As much as I’d like to earn that 5 gold in my pocket… I again run away.

I swear, I must be the worst mercenary ever.

I make it to Karnstein the next day, to find the town has already been massacred and burned to the ground. But with the dying breath of the last survivor, I am given a map and there may be a chance of revenge, if I can use the number book to figure out… But I never did get the number book, so I have no idea what to do.

And so Voivod raises an army, and destroys the entire kingdom. Thank you and good night

Worst mercenary ever.


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First published January 10, 2022. Last updated January 7, 2022.