Two Months Rescuing The Captives of Kaag

It’s been 2 months since my last post.

I’ve been playing Lone Wolf 14, Captives of Kaag off and on. But honestly, I’ve not been enjoying it. That’s not news, if you’ve read my previous posts. Ive not enjoyed the LW books lately.

I keep griping about the game balance being absurd. The Grand Master series tries but fails to create a balance enjoyable for both a well-armed veteran and a rank newb. As a new character there’s no hope of making it to the boss fight, so you basically have to cheat and give yourself the +8 Sommerswerd to have a shot.

But… why bother? The writing by this point is feeling a bit tired. Sneak into the Darklords’ castles again, evade the usual range of giaks and drakkarim and Death Knights, end with a “surprise” boss fight featuring that guy from the previous book.

So that’s why it took me 2 months. I played through it several times in July, then in August I basically got bored of it. And I see there are 6 more books left in this series before the New Order reboot… Sigh.

So I’m gonna switch to another series for a while, see if the LW series feels less tired after I’ve changed it up a bit.