Yeah, he got us

Following up on my previous post, in our playthrough of Vault of the Vampire.

Our 12/24/12 and 14 had us steamroll our way through the castle. We got Siegfried’s shield and armor, holy water and a crucifix, and a silver-tipped stake to finish the job. We killed everything in our path, until Reiner Heydrich himself. And even that went well, our 13 Skill matched to his 13.

But at the second, final fight we died. He was down to 1 stamina left, and we were down to 2, … He was in that desperate part where he switches over to biting at -2 skill. And yet, just a lucky throw… he bit us for that last 2 stamina.

Reiner’s reign continues, and our bones will decay in the Vault of the Vampire.