Slaves of Rema

GA03-CoverWhen YOU BECOME a gladiatorial slave in the empire of Rema across the sea, suddenly your homeland’s saying “We fight wars so that we can have peace, and we use slaves so that we can have freedom.” is not sounding so great anymore!

Can you escape the gladiatorial prison, find passage on a ship home, then survive the trip home? Can you foil a plot of betrayal and invasion? Three long and difficult journeys are ahead of you.

Review and Opinion

This book is so far my favorite of the GA series. (Note that I am not doing them in sequence.)

First off, there are three largely different paths to success. One of them involves cross-training as a magic user, one involves foiling a plot, one just gets you home. That’s replayability right there: after you win, start over and do it a different way.

Second is game balance. All three paths involve gladiators, a daring escape, pirates, and more. But the combat, despite using GA’s usual brutal four-hits-you’re-dead combat system, is surprisingly well balanced. Even with mediocre stats you stand a reasonable chance, after you have played enough to find one of the paths.

Good job!






Written by Gaetano Abbondanza

Illustrated by Alex Drummond


Book 3 in the series


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