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Tag: 2010

Siege of the Necromancer

July 17, 2016

YOU BECOME a miner returning home to your family after a year in the mines, earning money for backbreaking work. You find your hometown burned and pillaged, deserted except for goblins and a dying soldier. The soldier tells you that a necromancer named Erid Buul has taken up residence in the lord’s castle, and commands […]

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Slaves of Rema

When YOU BECOME a gladiatorial slave in the empire of Rema across the sea, suddenly your homeland’s saying “We fight wars so that we can have peace, and we use slaves so that we can have freedom.” is not sounding so great anymore! Can you escape the gladiatorial prison, find passage on a ship home, […]

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An Assassin in Orlandes

June 16, 2016

YOU BECOME a forelorn lover, getting drunk after a breakup. On your stumble home, you witness a murder, then find out that your ex has been kidnapped! Now it’s an adventure through sewers and catacombs, monasteries and mountains, halls of records and bazaars, to find out where she is… then to make good her rescue. […]

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