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Tag: Andrew Chapman

Space Assassin

October 19, 2023

YOU become the assassin sent to arrest Cyrus, a mad scientist about to unleash a plague of mutation viruses onto your unnamed home planet. Yeah, that’s right – they didn’t call the armed forces or the cops to make an arrest, and they didn’t call the assassin’s guild for a murder, they called assassins for […]

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Seas of Blood

December 13, 2021

YOU become one of the most feared pirates of the Inland Sea. But you want to be THE MOST feared pirate of the sea, so you and your rival Abdul the Butcher make a friendly wager. You’ll set off in your ships, and meet at the opposite end of the sea in fifty days, and […]

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The Rings of Kether

September 4, 2019

YOU become a vice squad detective looking to bust a drug ring on the remote planet Kether. Like the deadly Marijuana scourge of the twentieth century, this terrible drug is a threat to boredom and conformity and squareness around the world. Yes, the War on Drugs has reached out to the stars. You’ll have exciting […]

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