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Tag: Port Blacksand

City of Thieves

January 12, 2016

YOU become a complete bastard, breaking into peoples’ homes, killing them for their pocket change, accosting old ladies in the sewer, and getting silly facial tattoos. Because Zanbar Bone, a skeleton with a horde of undead at his command, is demanding human tribute from the town of Silverton. (he’s a skeleton named Bone? seriously?) Sometimes, […]

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Midnight Rogue

March 27, 2015

YOU become a no-good dirty thief. As your initiation into the Thieves’ Guild of Port Blacksand, your job is to steal the Eye of the Basilisk, a precious gem in the possession of a local merchant. But of course, it wouldn’t be your initiation if it were easy. First you need to track down the […]

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