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Tag: Tony Hough

‘Twas, the Krampus Night Before Christmas

December 13, 2022

YOU become nobody in particular, woken up at midnight on Christmas Eve, not to the sound of mice who aren’t even stirring, but to a crash and a thump. You rush downstairs to confront the burglars and find something far stranger. Krampus has abducted Santa and his famous sleigh, and taken off towards the mountains […]

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Spectral Stalkers

August 11, 2017

YOU become hunted prey for the stalkers when an angel falls from the sky and drops the Aleph into your care. This sphere contains the entire universe, so don’t drop it. By the way, the Spectral Stalkers are hunting for that thing and they can smell adrenaline, so you’ll want to keep moving and avoid […]

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Songs of the Mystics

January 29, 2017

YOUR MOM BECOMES the Earth Queen, the priestess-chieftain of a tribe of insular, xenophobic druids living in a forest at a lake which is the center of all life in the world. She is disturbed that the forest is weakening, that the lake needs a sacrifice to become strong. She offers a sacrifice of life, […]

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Asuria Awakens

August 14, 2016

YOU BECOME the investigator when a religious sect claims that Asuria, the beneficent god of humanity, is returning to earth. A generous and helpful god sounds like something good… but when Asuria died he left a note saying that if he comes back from the dead, then it’s a fake and you should kill it […]

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