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Defeated the Plague Lords on the first try…

I’ve been out of it for a while, haven’t picked up a game book in some 6 weeks, having been occupied with other pursuits such as video games and summer outdoor stuff. I wanted my next adventure to be a good one, and it was: Lone Wolf 13, The Plague Lords of Ruel.

It’s been some 10 years since LW’s adventure started in Flight From the Dark. The Darklords and their minions are routed, infighting, and hunted. LW’s “Kai Kollege” is running smoothly, training new Kai to defend the realm. But when some religious extremists create a plague to cleanse/exterminate the world, and an army of 7,000 soldiers was wiped out, of course they’re sending in LW all alone to solve it. No time for retirement…

I just made a lucky series of decisions, going in via the forest and “finding” a druid disguise, and a few lucky rolls in combat to not get killed. I’m kind of shocked, really. I hadn’t even kept a map.

So, I’ll play a few dozen more times, map it out as usual, and really soak it up. So far it seems like a good adventure, and I’m glad to be back into the game books as much as L.W. is glad to take a break from teaching. 😉


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First published July 15, 2021. Last updated July 15, 2021.