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Playing some Marvel Multiverse Adventures

These last few weeks, I and my sweetie have been playing She-Hulk Goes to Murderworld and You Are Not Deadpool, the first two and so far only two of the brand-new Marvel Multiverse Missions

In both cases, in the universe you are not the superhero – you are their assistant, and they let you pick their actions.

In both cases, you have 3 basic stats for physical, mental, and diplomacy… plus dozens of other stats that will crop up depending on the path you take.

In both cases, the writing is a lot of fun. The writing has humor and fourth-wall breaks, and makes all of the characters likeable, even the bad guys.

The game component, I’m still figuring that one out. There are so many stat bonuses that your stats get sky high in short order, making fights and tests one-sided. You can still pick a path that doesn’t lead to victory, but don’t count your adventure ending in a fight or a skill test. This is an opinion in progress, I’ll write more when I’ve played through both of them some more.

The writing, though, is gonna make it a real pleasure to work my way through these.


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First published August 26, 2022. Last updated August 26, 2022.