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Select Your Own Timeline and Prove that Love is Real

For the last month, I’ve continued to play the Chuck Tingle Select Your Own Timeline adventures.

I finished up Trouble in Tinglewood a few weeks back, and was surprised at how much is in there. There are numerous career paths, a wide variety of settings, and a lot of situations ranging from relaxed to surreal to goofy.

I just finished mapping out Highway to Heck the other day. Technically, it’s a step backward for the SYOT series – very short, little variation, and a lot of repetition. But as far as a Tingleverse adventure, it was great to see old friends from Chuck’s regular, erotic writing – Orion the space raptor, Torbo the bigfoot sommelier, Kevin the billionaire jet plane, … So overall, I give it a mixed review.

What will I read next? I’m not sure. There are 3 more SYOTs, but I’ve not done a Fighting Fantasy in a while.


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First published September 30, 2022. Last updated September 30, 2022.