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Timelines and Tingleverses

Ah, Chuck Tingle. DeVry master’s degree holder. Tae kwon do grandmaster (almost black belt). And of course… the world’s greatest author.

His bizarre self-published erotica features sexual encounters with dinosaurs, bigfoots, anthropomorphized objects and concepts, and more. He’s such a weirdo, and I love it. And for this last week I’ve been re-reading the first two of his Select Your Own Timeline adventures:  Escape From the Billings Mall and Trouble in Tinglewood.

In Escape From the Billings Mall you’re rushing to buy a birthday present at the mall, when the mall is besieged by monsters from The Void.

In Trouble in Tinglewood you’re a starry-eyed newb in a parallel universe Hollywood, looking to tell your story and get famous.

In both cases, you’re in a surreal and goofy world of those same dinosaurs, bigfoots, anthropomorphized objects and concepts I mentioned earlier. And they’re just a lot of fun. I was going to write more, but most of what I have to say is on the books’ own pages, so check those out instead. I’m gonna open up Trouble in Tinglewood again. I know I haven’t seen half of the book yet…


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First published September 1, 2022. Last updated September 1, 2022.