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Trial of Champions, I’m back

It’s been some 6 weeks since I last posted. Oh man. I’ve just had other hobbies going on such as playing Baldur’s Gate 3, and other events and occupations such as the Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon. Fun times. And by contrast, Trial of Champions is kind of an unappealing slog through bad game design and mediocre writing.

But anyway, I’m back and willing to give it another go.

Initial stats = 10 / 23 / 11 because I know that it’s high-impossible to even survive the island with a skill under 10, but a 12/24/12 feels like a steamroller.

  • I got some dinner and some sleep, then woke up to the foot race. Tested luck, tested skill, came out fine.
  • The bonecrusher beast is a 50/50 chance to lose a Luck then test skill or else die; repeat until you pass the 50/50. It took me 4 times, so my 11 luck is now 6. That’s not good!
  • Fight the easterner in my cell. Lost 8 stamina (15 left).
  • The blindfolded fight. Test luck, fail = spiked ball to the head. My adventure ended here.

I did not post the 5 other very short playthroughs that turned out similarly, because it’s very tedious.

But I really want to play the game book! So let’s bypass the stupid island and try again,

Stats 10 / 23 / 12 and start at page 261 entering the dungeon

At the first door, I heard a scratching sound. I opened the door, and was attacked by a fire breathing dog! It was more scary than dangerous, though, with a skill of 7. Although it scratched me with a lucky roll, I dispatched the Pooch of Hades and got a gold ring.

At the T junction, I know that I need the witch’s red dust later on, so I head right. I head right across the bridge. I head right into the witch’s room. She summons some bats, and though they die without a fight, it’s still a mandatory loss of 3 stamina. But I got the red dust.

The next door down the hall, I know is a coldclaw but also the +1 boots that will prove invaluable if I can survive to get them. So I take the chance. Bad move! It’s a long battle because we’re evenly matched (10 skill each), and ultimately he whittles me all the way down to dead. So my adventure ends here, only 3 doors in.

Damn it. No wonder I put this book down for over a month. This at least as bad as Caverns of the Snow Witch At least CotSW had a yeti and provisions.



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First published October 16, 2023. Last updated October 16, 2023.