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Tag: Josh Wright

Sultans of Rema

April 5, 2017

YOU BECAME a slave but this time you’re on a mission. In Slaves of Rema your introduction to the southern continent of Rema was less than friendly: slavery, gladiatorial combat, and a plot to overthrow the Grand Duke of Orlandes. It’s a year later. The Reman empire has continued to decline, and the United Emirates […]

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Curse of the Assassin

January 18, 2017

YOU ATTEND the funeral of an old friend, one of your adventuring buddies from back when you were kids. You find out that he was murdered for investigating a local cult, and you are out for revenge. In the process, you find a connection to Eltane, the would-be usurper in GA #1, Assassin in Orlandes, […]

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Temple of the Spider God

June 10, 2016

YOU BECOME a pest-removal specialist when some clown mails a giant poisonous spider to the king. Despite your deathly fear of spiders, you’re still the king’s choice to sleuth out an assassination attempt involving mind-control spiders (maybe “because of” your deathly fear? it doesn’t say that the king likes you). Your investigation exposes a much […]

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