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The Crown of Kings

March 9, 2019

YOU become a mountain climber winding your way through the mountains of Mampang. You’ve spent three books surviving the Shamutanti Hills, the city of Khare, and the desert of Kakhabad, and the Archmage’s fortress is in sight. You’ll have to survive theĀ  mountains, then the four levels of a fortress crawling with guards who (probably) […]

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The Seven Serpents

YOU continue becoming the hero as your trek across Kakhabad continues. You’ve escaped Khare and continue your trek across the plains and desert. But seven magical serpents have found out about your mission, and are on their way to Mampang to tell the Archmage that you’re coming. You should kill off as many of these […]

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Khare, Cityport of Traps

YOU continue your very long hike out of the Shamutanti Hills and into the infamous city of Khare. The way they describe it, sounds like Port Blacksand and Mos Eisley had a baby city, and raised it in Hell’s Kitchen. You don’t even want to be here, but the local Chamber of Commerce has chosen […]

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The Shamutanti Hills

YOU become an extreme hiker across the land of Kakhabad. The magical Crown of Kings grants prosperity and leadership to the king who wears it, and it’s been going great. (Thus the crown bearing the slogan “Make Kakhabad Great Again”) But it all goes to pot when the crown falls into the hands of a […]

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